This preparatory course was very effective for me to achieve passing the PMP exam on the first attempt. The material and review can be daunting as this course provided a road map to complete extensive material in a reasonable time frame. I liked the pace of covering one knowledge area topic per week. The daily emails on topics and quizzes upon completion of each knowledge area provided a good theme to understand the content required to pass the PMP exam. As you know, this is a difficult exam with having a 60% passing rate on all first attempts. I highly recommend this class to others that are considering to earn their PMP certification. Don’t sell out to the instantaneous cramming of a 1-2 week course that promises you will pass the exam. Many colleagues of mine have not passed the PMP exam using the quick study approach.

-Randy W., Grant Public Utility District

After struggling to understand what I should be focusing on to study for and pass the PMP exam on my own I found what I needed in this course!  The content is accurate and of the highest quality, yet it is focused on exactly what you need to know for the exam.  The delivery of the material is done in a very thoughtful manner that focuses on retention and engagement, with wonderful study materials and games.  This is not your typical crash course!  I am completely certain there is no way I would have passed the test without Apex Academy Online!

-Amanda C., Operations PM of Strategic Deployment for NAMER/ROW, Dropbox

Do you think this prep course helped you prepare for your exam? YES! There were no surprises on the CAPM Exam. Nearly every question was on material covered throughout the class. The cadence of the class was perfect, and each day was planned out very nicely.

-Scott G. IQ Solutions

As a lifelong learner, I have taken many continuing education classes, both at the collegiate and professional levels. The Certified Associate of Project Management course by Apex Academy has been my favorite by far!  Apex provided a robust online experience with interactive games, puzzles and skills testing that kept me engaged and entertained while helping me to grasp some of the more difficult concepts in the material. I passed the exam and I owe it all to the creative learning strategies employed by Apex!

-K. Taylor., Wimmer Solutions