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10 Reasons Why Online Studies are the Future of Education

You might have considered if taking online studies is the right choice for youA right mix of self-paced online studies can set the student up for success.  

Here are the Reasons Why Online Studies are the Future of Education

Online Education Is Accessible

# 1 There are higher success rates at the post-secondary level

Higher education requires a high level of self-discipline and self-paced learning. There are a lot of distractions in today’s age and completing a course online in high school will help students build the self-discipline that is needed when students reach the post-secondary level. Young people will be better prepared for success later in their educational career, as compared to their peers who have not completed an online course. At Apex Academy Online you will have access to teachers, guidance counsellors, and our principal to help you to adapt to online learning. Self-learning is a skill that will help students in their future endeavors!  

# 2 There is flexibility and learning at a student’s own pace

Every student experiences stress from tests, homework, and co-curricular activities while trying to maintain a social life! A learner in today’s age needs the flexibility to manage this stress. Online learning can help young people to manage some of this stress by offering the flexibility of learning when they are at their best, as opposed to having to stick to a rigid schedule. Apex Academy Online’s asynchronous learning model allows students to enroll, study, and submit their assessments twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  

# 3 There are more opportunities and options

Being fluent in online learning will offer students a wide variety of options educationally and when choosing a career. Did you know that students could take leadership courses from reputable institutes like Harvard Business School completely virtually? There are no class limits and learning opportunities are essentially limitless when students have developed the ability to learn online. Some of the best opportunities and career advancement opportunities in Canada require deep online learning.  

# 4 Accessibility

Online learning does not require travel and makes peer-networking more accessible anywhere. Taking an online course also helps students who struggle with social anxiety, need flexibility, or just need to learn at their own pace in a safe environment. With various methods of online learning and using advanced tools, Apex Academy Online can tackle the accessibility issues in effective ways.  

# 5 Students can create their own schedules

Studying at your own pace can help students truly learn course concepts instead of simply earning a grade. Apex Academy Online gives you up to nine months to earn a high school credit. This means if you want to sharpen your skills and master grade twelve mathematics, then you can do so.

# 6 Allows students to explore new career opportunities

Most professionals in today’s economy end up choosing second career opportunities in Canada. To make this switch happen, they must go back to school and earn a new degree. Online learning is a brilliant option for this purpose, as it allows students to continue their day-time job or university while exploring a new opportunity at low risk and low cost.  

Online Learning Provides a Career Edge

# 7 Online learning is more cost-effective than in-class private education

At the lower end, private education costs upwards of $15,000 annually, which is unattainable for many families. Even though we have a free public education system in Ontario, in certain circumstances, private education makes sense for some students. Apex Academy Online offers cost-effective asynchronous private high school courses, which also includes access to our guidance counsellors.  

# 8 Online learning encourages independent thinking

Being a self-learner encourages independent thinking in students, which is important for self-esteem and confidence. Apex Academy Online offers a good balance of self-learning, learning opportunities from teachers, peers, in addition to innovative tools.  

# 9 There are large class sizes in traditional classrooms

Some students feel lost in a big classroom and often feel shy to ask questions. This is a huge hindrance to learning and gaining essential skills. Online learning takes away the pressure of raising your hand in a large classroom. At Apex Academy Online students can clarify their questions regarding course content by simply emailing, setting up a conference call, or sending a note to their teacher within the Learning Management System. 

# 10 Need to shift to online learning platform

COVID-19 has changed our society in many ways, and we must envision a new future of education to ensure that our students continue to receive the best learning opportunities possible. Social distancing, avoiding high traffic areas and commuting are also a few reasons why people are shifting to an online learning platform. 

At Apex Academy Online, we believe that online learning should not replace the entire in-class experience; however, with the right balance of online learning and the traditional classroom setting, students will be better prepared for the future.  

Now that you know the benefits, will you consider taking an online course? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.  

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