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8 Common Misconceptions About Virtual Schools

Personalized learning is a term that gets used a lot, however, to truly personalize a student’s learning, it must extend beyond the classroom. Using technology and virtual learning can help with this. For example, e-learning can also be used to adapt lessons to a student’s unique learning style. Even in today’s age, there are still misconceptions of virtual schools due to some common myths.
Previously, virtual schools arose out of necessity when schooling by conventional means was difficult, but now many students are taking advantage of online learning as a compliment to their regular classes.
Did you know in Ontario, 92% of secondary schools have students enrolled in e-learning courses? The percentage of secondary students taking e-learning courses was gradually increasing even before COVID.

Here are some common misconceptions about virtual schools debunked

virtual school misconceptions

# 1 Virtual school is the same as a homeschool

Virtual schools can help provide structure and curriculum to homeschooling, however, virtual schools are not the same as homeschool programs. Secondary students enrolled in public and private schools across the province take virtual courses for various reasons such as flexibility, lack of offering at their home school, enhanced learning, and earning their secondary credits at their own pace. So, a virtual school can also be valuable to a student enrolled full time in a public or private school.

# 2 Virtual education is all about technology

Technology plays a big role in virtual education; however, it is not all about technology. At Apex Academy Online, we have a team of teachers, guidance counselors, instructional designers, and a Principal working hard to ensure that each one of our students succeeds in their academic goals. Your assigned guidance counsellor will ensure that you are on the right path and taking the right courses to get admission to your choice of a post-secondary program.

# 3 Virtual learning is teacher-less

Online teachers work very hard and spend many hours to ensure their students are getting full clarity on the courses they are taking virtually. At Apex Academy Online, our asynchronous teaching model allows you to study and submit your assignments when you are at your best. Your teachers at Apex Academy Online will respond to your questions within 24 hours and they will also hold a weekly office hour session. Our teachers play an integral part in ensuring that your student adapts to the virtual learning environment and gets effective feedback.

# 4 No social interactions in virtual schools

Our advanced learning management system allows for plenty of peer-to-peer and student-teacher interaction because we realize that learning happens in different ways. In some cases, some shy students could also end up having more one-on-one social interactions with their teachers and fellow students, as there is no pressure to raise your hand and ask a question in front of everyone. Online students are also typically only taking one or two courses online, so they will also continue to have learning opportunities in their brick-and-mortar schools.
Virtual schools are great option for homeschool students in Ontario

# 5 Online degrees aren’t accredited or transferrable

This is one of the biggest myths of virtual learning. Educational institutes in Canada along with other many other countries accept online degrees and high school credits from accredited virtual schools.
Online courses from accredited schools are equally transferable as compared to courses taken at traditional brick-and-mortar schools. This is one of the most common misconceptions about virtual schools.

# 6 Cheating is more prevalent in online classes

At Apex Academy Online, academic integrity is of utmost importance. We use a comprehensive learning integrity platform, which uses state-of-the-art technology and end-to-end security. This ensures that the grades you earned with your hard work are valued by all prestigious institutes.
Using our convenient exam proctoring tools, you never have to schedule an exam or find your proctor. We make this a hassle-free and safe experience so you can focus on what is important.
A good mix of online and in-class learning will help a student increase their learning potential. With over 50+ years of combined experience in education, the Apex Academy Online team is proud to be a thought leader in Ontario online high school education. Please reach out to us to find out how we can help your student reach the apex of their academic goals.

Blog FAQ: What is a virtual high school in Ontario?

Answer: Virtual school is another name for an online school. Apex Academy Online is a fully online, self-paced, private high school in Ontario that offers the flexibility to students to earn their high school credits from anywhere. 

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