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Teaching with Care

Apex Academy Online teachers are selected not only for their passion for teaching, but also for their empathy and commitment to student success. They work hard to bring a personalized approach to online learning through initiating regular person-to-person communications in the form of video conferencing to ensure students are setup for success. The teacher-student connection starts at the beginning of the course by initiating a video conference to introduce themselves. Here, the teacher determines the student’s learning style as well as identifying any issues they may have had with similar courses in the past. A second video conference is also conducted after the student completes their first module to review their understanding of the material and are ready to move forward with confidence.

Our teachers use a variety of assessments throughout their courses and can tailor them to best suit the needs of individual students. If any questions arise during the course, students and parents can contact teachers using direct messaging in Canvas, and guidance counsellors or the Principal via email.

Committed to Student Success

Apex Academy Online students have been accepted into the following post-secondary institutions:

University of Toronto
queen's university
York University
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Our Teaching Team

Our Experienced

Certified Ontario teacher

Joelle Dela Paz

Joelle has an Honours B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Molecular Biology from the University of Toronto. Joelle received her B.Ed. from OISE, University of Toronto, with a specialization in I/S General Science and I/S Biology, and has taught for seven years in the private sector at the high school level.

Engaging youth in STEM activities is a passion for Joelle, and as far as she is concerned, science is a verb.

Neil Clifford

Neil Clifford

Neil grew up in South Africa where he completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Mathematics and Physics through Nelson Mandela University. He also completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Education through the University of South Africa.

He has taught in South Africa, the UK, the Middle East and Canada. He has also been lucky enough to teach students from all over the world who speak different languages and have different cultures. He believes in creating an environment where students feel safe to make mistakes and base their mathematics on understanding concepts and not memorizing rules.

Teachers in Canada helping students earn high school credit from home

Sonya Thadikaran

Sonya has been teaching Science, Chemistry and Biology for the past ten years. She has a Masters in Chemistry and is OCT certified to teach intermediate and senior levels in science.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, swimming, making science concepts fun, and talking to teenagers.

Guidance Services

At Apex Academy Online, we know our students need support beyond the virtual classroom.

We are committed to helping each of them with their educational journey and are here to mentor and support them in achieving academic success based on their unique goals and aspirations.

Whether looking at educational pathways leading to university or college, planning course selections, or researching scholarship opportunities, our students are provided comprehensive resources to help them make informed decisions. They can also speak directly to our guidance counsellors via email or face-to-face during virtual office hours.

Rest assured; we take a holistic approach.

Not only are we focused on helping students achieve post-secondary goals, but we also offer support in adapting to online learning and assisting students with different learning styles. We understand the issues that students’ face and are committed to creating an environment where they can thrive.

Guidance Features

Our guidance counsellors are passionate, engaged, and available to assist students with the following:

  • Helping create learning plans, effective study spaces, and developing time management skills
  • Accommodating diverse learning styles and adapting them to suit our learning environment using active collaboration between student, teacher, and guidance counsellor
  • Identifying university or college programs and admission requirements best suited for their interests and skills
  • Recommending scholarship and bursary opportunities to support finances
  • Sharing career opportunities for students who may not wish to continue education after high school

Academic Accommodations

We recognize that students are unique. When accommodations are needed, our teachers and guidance counsellors work in tandem to provide meaningful adaptations to the course delivery to keep students on track and engaged.

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Academic Integrity

Having high academic standards is an important pillar of online learning and something we take to heart. Integrity builds trust between student and teacher, gives meaningful value to the course curriculum, and provides a true sense of accomplishment in earning your diploma.

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Course Assessments & Evaluation

Course assessments, evaluations, and the final exam are structured the same as those in taken in a typical school. Along with regular quizzes and tests, teachers will also use video conferencing throughout the course to help them assess the student’s understanding and ability to apply the course concepts.

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Final Exams

We have partnered with Proctorio, our automated proctoring tool, that allows each student to take their tests and exam in a convenient way, avoiding the need to schedule an exam or find your own proctor.


OUAC & OCAS Applications

Applying for post-secondary admission can be a stressful process, but we’ve got your back. We happily support our students with applications to OUAC, OCAS, and out of Province/Country universities.


Student Records

We forward completed midterm and final report cards to our students’ home school for inclusion on their transcript as well as OUAC or OCAS as needed.

Forward Thinking Approach

A Vision of Student Success

We believe in engaging students with the types of tools and digital resources they’re accustomed to in their daily lives. We’ve modernized the delivery of the Ontario curriculum to keep learners curious, motivated, and passionate about the subjects they’re studying.
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Innovative Digital Content

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Modern Learning Design

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Robust Academic Support

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Our Guidance Team

Our Experienced
Guidance Counsellors

Our guidance counsellors will help you get access to information you need in order to graduate

Danielle Kendall has worked in education within Canada for over 12 years. After graduating from the University of Guelph with a Major in History, she obtained her Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto OISE. She also has her specialist in Guidance and Career Education.

Danielle has worked in private schools for her entire career, first as a teacher of English and History before moving into guidance. She has an extensive knowledge of curriculum and academics, as well as post secondary applications both domestic and international. She is well equipped to help support student’s social-emotional well being, as well as their academic and career goals.  

Danielle strongly believes that no student should feel that they are on their own, even in an online world, and is excited to get to know you and help you on your educational journey, whatever that may be!

You will learn from experts about the areas of study that interests you

Guidance Counsellor, Tania Freire has worked in education within Canada for nearly 11 years. She obtained an HBA at York University in English and History and went to Trent University for Teacher’s College. She also has her specialist in guidance and special education.  

Tania has also had the unique opportunity to work in both the private and public education sector as a teacher, student success educator and guidance counsellor. She has extensive experience working with students that have special needs and has also had the opportunity to write Individual Education Plans. Her unique career opportunities have allowed her to understand the importance of equity education and ensuring that every student is meeting their potential. Moreover, Tania has a very good understanding of academics and curriculum, course selection, accommodations in the classroom, as well as how to support the social-emotional well-being of students.

Tania is very excited to be able to be a part of your online academic journey and looks forward to building relationships with her students.