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Analyzing Current Economic Issues, Grade 12


Analyzing Current Economic Issues, Grade 12

This course examines current Canadian and international economic issues, developments, policies, and practices from diverse perspectives. Students will explore the decisions that individuals and institutions, including governments, make in response to economic issues such as globalization, trade agreements, economic inequalities, regulation, and public spending. Students will apply the concepts of economic thinking and the economic inquiry process, as well as economic models and theories, to investigate, and develop informed opinions about, economic trade-offs, growth, and sustainability and related economic issues.

Prerequisite: Any university or university/college preparation course in Canadian and World studies, English, or Social Sciences and Humanities

Course Outline

Module 1 Overview: Fundamentals of Economics

Guiding Question:
How do economists compare economic data from different countries? What are the causes of global economic inequality?

In this module, you will learn the meaning of macro and microeconomics. You will also learn about the four factors of production: land, labour, capital and enterprise that make up economic activity in our world today

Module 2 Overview: Businesses, Markets and Economic Stakeholders

Guiding Question:
How can businesses operate within the context of the Canadian economy most effectively?

In this module, you will learn about different types of businesses and how they operate in the Canadian Economy. We we learn how businesses are organized and regulated within the Canadian economy.

Module 3 Overview: Macroeconomics

Guiding Question:
What should the rate of inflation be? What stimulates economic growth?

Macroeconomics focuses on the performance of economies – changes in economic output, inflation, interest and foreign exchange rates, and the balance of payments. Poverty reduction, social equity, and sustainable growth are only possible with sound monetary and fiscal policies. In this module we will learn about fiscal policies and what stimulates economic growth.

Module 4 Overview: The Global Economy, International Trade and Development

Guiding Question:
To what degree should we be responsible for what happens outside our borders?

In this module, you will learn learn about Canada as a trading nation, and the benefits and strains of international trade. Principles of International Trade Theory are explored, as are trade barriers and international trade policies. Balance of payments issues, the value of the Canadian dollar, and fluctuating exchange rates are examined in the second section of the unit.

Assessment Breakdown

Course Work, Assignments, and Proctored Tests: 70%
Culminating Independent Study Project: 10%
Final Exam: 20%