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Healthy Living and Personal and Fitness Activities, Grade 10


Healthy Living and Personal and Fitness Activities, Grade 10

This course enables students to further develop the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy choices now and lead healthy, active lives in the future. Through participation in a wide range of physical activities, students develop knowledge and skills related to movement competence and personal fitness that provide a foundation for active living. Students also acquire an understanding of the factors and skills that contribute to healthy development and learn how their own well-being is affected by, and affects, the world around them. Students build their sense of self, learn to interact positively with others, and develop their ability to think critically and creatively. This course will focus on Healthy Living and Personal and Fitness Activities.

Prerequisite: None

Course Outline

Module 1 Overview: Healthy Active Living I

Guiding Question:
How have my personal fitness habits, movement competencies and skills improved?

In this module, you will decide on which physical activities you will take part in during this course….and hopefully longer! You may already take part in team sports, that will count as physical activity in the course. However, since the course is about your personal fitness, you are also asked to add various physical activities to your daily routine, such as walking, running, bike riding, going to the gym, etc… You will log the activity and time on the activity log and complete reflections and journals on how you think your personal fitness and skills competence are improving.  

Module 2 Overview: Healthy Active Living II

Guiding Question:
Do I make healthy choices and maintain a daily active life style? Am I working towards my long term goals?

In this module, you will learn about what it means to be healthy. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines healthy as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Does it mean the same to you? Do you consider yourself to be healthy?

Being healthy means eating healthy foods, exercising daily and feeling good about yourself. Throughout the module you will be developing  the knowledge and skills you need to make healthy choices in the food you eat and the activities you do. Let’s begin!

Assessment Breakdown

Course Work, Assignments, and Proctored Tests: 70%
Culminating Independent Study Project: 20%
Final Exam: 10%