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7 Key Advantages to Online Learning

Perhaps second only to the Zoom boom of 2020, online learning has been a hot button topic as teachers, students, and parents alike adapted to the new normal for high school education.   

I think you’ll agree that the plan for education in Ontario in September is far from clear.  
Despite the uncertainty, students still need to learn; and course selection will need to carry on.  

Here are seven important reasons why now is the perfect time to embrace learning online.  

Here are the Benefits of Online Learning

Advantages of Online Learning

#1 Self-Paced Learning

Asynchronous learning is an approach that has become a staple of popular apps such as MasterClass and LinkedIn Learning. By breaking down content into small and digestible components; this allows students to absorb and revisit concepts according to their comfort level and grasp of the content.  

Not to mention, not all schedules are created equal.  

Having the ability to speed up or slow down according to personal or extra-curricular commitments is a great asset; this becomes particularly important as entrance requirements become more competitive for top post-secondary programs.

#2 Flexibility

As we re-evaluate the boundaries between home, school, and work, it’s more important than ever that students have the flexibility to study and manage their time effectively.  

Learning online requires a certain level of discipline and focus. Online learning allows students to develop critical transferable skills, such as time management, self-regulation, and independent study skills, which will allow them to excel both academically and professionally.  

#3 Online Support

Having direct access to your teacher is an invaluable resource that traditional classrooms struggle to offer due to large student-teacher ratios.  

In an online setting, students can engage and interact with their teacher on their own terms and enjoy the benefits of specific and confidential conversations that are relevant to their needs. If a student is shy or uncomfortable asking questions in front of a large audience, online learning is a great opportunity to boost their engagement and active learning.  

#4 Access to Expertise

Did you know that the average student to guidance counsellor ratio in Ontario high schools is nearly 400:1? At that scale, many students are missing out on opportunities to access vital support and planning services offered by guidance counsellors.  

An effective online school will recognize and value student needs beyond just the virtual classroom. To maximize student success, consider educational institutions that embrace and genuinely offer a holistic approach.

Online Self Learning

#5 Learning Mobility

Consuming valuable and personalized content whenever and wherever convenient has become the new normal and mobile online learning has certainly adapted to keep pace. 

Distributed learning theory suggests short, consistent study sessions over a long period of time are a more effective way to learn and retain information. A flexible learning platform can deliver these benefits and help students develop better study habits as they become lifelong learners. 

#6 Saves Time

The logistics of traditional learning are inherent with wasted time on activities such as attendance taking, classroom management, and commuting.  

Leveraging the benefit of modern technology, online learning puts the focus back where it belongs, on course content. A typical high school will offer semesters that are roughly 5 months long. If you were to compare the time saved for a single course between traditional classroom and online learning delivery, this could amount to anywhere from 25-50%! 

#7 Reduced Costs

Other private course options can be quite expensive at two to ten times the cost of an online course and include friction or pain points such as defined scheduling, physical travel, and synchronous course progression. 

By focusing on the most important educational elements and putting students at the center of the experience, learning online can be both transformational and cost-effective.  

 I hope today’s article has educated you on the benefits of online learning. Now it’s time to take action! 

Which of the 7 key advantages resonate with you most?

What has prompted you to consider online learning?

We’d love to know where your journey began. Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.  

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