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Role of Teachers in Online Learning

Teachers are important in online learning

Has Technology Replaced the Teacher?

We find ourselves in a world where technology impacts all aspects of our lives; in some cases replacing roles that were at one time carried out by people. It seems that the expectation is that once innovative technology enters an area, then it’s just a matter of time before the roles people play are greatly diminished or even replaced. However, this is not always true. At its core, technology is a tool that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the tasks that people perform. What is important is how the technology is used. Online learning on the other hand, has not reached the point where it is able to replace teachers. It has, in fact, created a range of platforms and tools that online teachers can use to create more compelling, interactive, and effective learning experiences. Apex Academy Online recognizes the importance of having the appropriate balance of committed, enthusiastic Ontario teachers and technology that is effective and relevant to today’s digital age. 

The Importance of Teachers in Online Learning

There are two important elements in the online learning experience; the curriculum and how it is presented to the student. Presenting the content on its own is often not enough. Students learn in different ways and the material may have to be adapted to suit their individual learning style and needs. Therefore, the role of the teacher in online learning is very important. They use the course content as a starting point and can adapt material to suit the student’s learning. Apex Academy Online teachers and guidance counsellors work together to ensure that student learning requirements are accommodated within the online classroom environment. We recognize that technology is a means to an end. A set of tools that teachers can use to refine and adapt the course content to ensure that students are growing as learners. 

The Online Teaching Environment

In a traditional classroom setting, broadly speaking, teachers interact face-to-face with students acting as lecturers and disseminators of information. However, in an online teaching environment, the role of the teacher changes from lecturer/disseminator to facilitator/mentor. Perhaps they no longer lecture, but rather guide and assist the students in their understanding. In the Apex Academy Online asynchronous online learning environment, the student can login based on their own schedule and work at their own pace. Depending on their approach or progress, they can move quickly through the course material, or go over and repeat lessons however they see fit. The student then has the opportunity to directly interact with the teacher one-on-one via messaging, email or video conferencing without the social, and or peer pressure they may have experienced in a traditional classroom setting. 

Teachers guide and mentor online learners

Student Response to Teachers

Students have different ways of learning, each with their own approach to grasping material. Central to the student identifying their way of learning is the teacher. Teachers interact and work with students to help them identify their optimum learning strategy.  Online teaching is not just about presenting course content in a new and innovative way. It has to be combined with a trained professional teacher who can guide and support the student in not only understanding the course concepts, but also understanding how they learn best. Apex Academy Online teachers are experienced Ontario teachers who bring the important human element to online teaching. We recognize that in order for a student to be successful, they need human interaction, guidance and support to be able to learn, adapt and grow. Our teachers are there to help students prepare for their academic journey. 

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