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Top Online Study Tools Every Student Should Consider

A lot is going on in a student’s day to day life and the importance of technology in online studying cannot be underestimated. There are tonnes of online study tools in the market, but not all of them are helpful.

Don’t worry! We have done our research and found out some helpful online study tools that can make studying a lot more effective and manageable. Best of all, you can sign up for most of these resources for free!

Here are 8 online study tools students can benefit from

Students using online learning tools

# 1 GoConqr

You will have access to millions of resources on just about any topic and you can collaborate with others. GoConqr has a vast library that is easy to navigate and it allows you to put together online resources to suit your learning styles.

# 2 Grammarly

A great resource if you want the peace of mind that your work is being proof-read for typos and grammar. Its AI-powered writing assistant will check for even the tone of your writing.

Grammarly is an amazing resource even for English native speakers and they claim to take the guesswork out of writing.

# 3 Skillshare

If you have ever wanted to explore your creativity but were held back because of a lack of creative activities in your school, then Skillshare might be a good option for you. Skillshare offers thousands of classes in illustration, design, photography, animation, and much more.

# 4 Brilliant

Did you ever want to learn to think like a computer scientist?

If math, science, and computer science fascinate you or you just want to build quantitative skills in these areas, then you should look at Brilliant. If you are a visual learner, then you will enjoy their techniques which allow you to see concepts visually and interact with them.

Online learning tools helping students

# 5 Wolfram

Wolfram allows you to find expert level answers by using their AI technology and algorithms. It can automatically answer questions using their store of knowledge. Some of the answers are provided in a step-by-step format using visual and tabular presentation which makes it easy to understand.

# 6 Google Apps

G suite has simple and daily use apps which are very important for effective studying. It includes your Gmail account, calendar, drive, docs, sheets, slides, and much more. Many students use Gmail as their email, but there’s a lot more than just an email that you can use in google apps!

# 7 Evernote

Taking notes is an important part of learning but it is also time-consuming. Evernote allows you to stay organized by taking notes through its searchable and organized note-taking app. The best part is that it supports text, images, audio, video, and allows for collaboration with your classmates and friends.

# 8 bSafe

Awareness of student safety should be always on our minds.

This is an app against abuse and is built to prevent violence. We all know that safety is important for teenagers and everyone else trying to foster healthy relationships. If you ever need help getting home or just need an interruption, then one tap on this app can let your close circle know where you are and activate audio and video live stream.

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