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About Us

The Apex Academy Difference

Apex Academy Online is a fully online, asynchronous, private high school where students can study at their own pace while receiving personalized feedback.

We have built a phenomenal team of educators and administrators who are hard at work collaborating to build something special for our students. We are continuously improving our content and student outcomes by partnering with leading educational tech companies who share our values to redefine what’s possible.

Apex Academy Online is proud to be a thought leader in Ontario online high school education.

intelligent learning design

Intelligent Learning Design & Developing Global Competencies​

Adopting the latest research in learning design methodologies ensures our content is always relevant and structured for student success. Embedding global competencies into our curriculum means our students are applying the concepts they study into a real-world framework and developing the critical skills needed for the future.

student engagement and learning analytics

Innovative Student Engagement & Learning Analytics

We’ve partnered with some of the best learning and engagement analytics companies to strategically measure and identify which content is working and where improvements can be made. We know precisely when and where students are reaching their potential so we can nurture at-risk learners and offer personalized learning support as needed.

We provide the best available online learning tools along with strong guidance counsellors who care deeply for student success

Guidance & Post-Secondary Support Planning

Students are partnered with a guidance counsellor and are encouraged to stay in touch to discuss their academic journey, challenges they might be facing, as well as goal setting for post-secondary education. We aim to deliver accessible and superior guidance services to help you get the most from your online study experience.

mobile friendly online learning

Mobile-Friendly Learning Experience

Access your course from your mobile device and squeeze in extra study time wherever and whenever you can. Distributed learning theory suggests short, consistent study sessions over a long period of time are a more effective way to learn. Every minute counts and this will help retain and encode key concepts into your long-term memory.

automated online proctoring

Frictionless Automated Exam Proctoring

Using our convenient exam proctoring tools, you never have to schedule an exam or find your own proctor. We make this a hassle-free experience so you can focus on what’s important.

Is Apex Academy Online Right for Me?

Apex Academy Online is an effective option for all types of learners including:
  • Current high school students as a complement to their public or private school schedule.
  • Out-of-province and international students pursuing their OSSD.
  • Students looking to enhance their prior learning and upgrade their marks.
  • Students with unique extracurricular talents such as athletes, musicians, and performers.
  • High school graduates who are looking to switch majors and need additional courses.
  • Mature students who wish to complete their OSSD.
  • Homeschool students looking for expanded course offerings.

Our Mission

To inspire young minds to value the pursuit of knowledge and ignite a passion for lifelong learning.

The Apex Values

Our Core Values


  • We believe the best way to serve students and their families is to place an emphatic focus on the intelligent design and delivery of our courses.
  • Simply put, we deliver amazing educational experiences that exceed expectations.


  • We are committed to operating with transparency in all our relationships with staff, students, and parents.
  • We will always place the best interests of our students above all else.


  • Imparting knowledge and developing young minds is the key to our collective future.
  • Giving students the confidence and capabilities to succeed academically will empower them to achieve greatness in all aspects of life.


  • We recognize the challenges that students face today, the constant demands on their time, and the pressure to succeed. We work hard to create an environment that gives them the flexibility to manage their studies, coupled with exam structures to suit their individual needs.
  • We follow through with advice and support from our guidance counsellors to help navigate any difficulties they may encounter.


  • Consistency, accessibility, and fairness are the best ways to evaluate and assess course curriculum.
  • Our learning environments are constructed thoughtfully to serve a diverse student population.