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The Changing Face of Education

The Changing Face of Education

Today, technology has become an integral part of our lives. It has reached the point where we cannot imagine a life without it, or remember a day when we haven’t used it in some form or another. We have entered a connected, virtual world that overlaps our physical world to offer us a level of interconnection that has never been available before. It has created a truly global society where we can be instantly aware of what’s happening internationally, yet at the same time, have the same level of awareness at our local level. We have truly become connected in every sense of the word.

The impact of technology has been felt across all aspects of our lives, none more so than in Education. The rise of the Internet, and associated technological advances, has completely changed the way we access, present and disseminate information, leading to Education being revolutionized. In addition to this, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the integration of online study as a means of keeping students safe during the outbreak. The success of the online learning strategy is now being embraced by the Ontario Ministry of Education to the point where they have made it a requirement that beginning in September 2021, high school students must complete at least two online courses before they can graduate.

Chifro Studios, a leading educational mobile app and game developer, has identified 10 things that have contributed to the success of online remote learning, and these are:

How to Succeed in an Online High School

The Internet offers students and teachers a global platform from which they can explore ideas and perspectives that can offer insights that may not have been previously available, offering them unique educational experiences.

Efficient Assessment

Online learning lends itself to fast effective tests and assessments where students can do the work online at a time and place that best suits them. Academic integrity of the tests and assessments is maintained by using online proctoring, such as that used by Apex Academy Online, that monitors the student test environment to ensure no unauthorized activity is taking place.

Improved Teacher-Student Interaction

Using email and video conferencing students can quickly connect with their online teacher who can then engage with their students to offer a personalized learning experience. Using these tools, online high schools like Apex Academy Online, are able to create a truly friendly learning environment where students can make the most of the learning opportunities free from distraction or negative peer pressure.

Instant Access to Information

The Internet instantly delivers information to the fingertips of teachers and students alike, potentially offering them multiple perspectives within seconds.


Online libraries offer a wealth of information that is not only quickly accessible but also actively searchable, giving readers the ability to find information in a fraction of the time it took with traditional printed reference materials and textbooks.

online learning in Ontario high school

Educational Video Games

Typically focused in the area of early childhood education, online video games teach children concepts, such as reading, writing and arithmetic in a fun and rewarding way, helping them to develop focus and problem-solving skills.

Use of Multimedia

The use of images, graphics, sound, animation and video creates a more engaging learning experience, allowing the traditional learning approach to be completely transformed. The course content offered by Apex Academy Online embraces a wide variety of media to deliver material that is engaging to give students a unique learning experience.

Mobile Applications

Mobile educational applications extend the digital platforms available to students. Students are no longer restricted to specific equipment in specific locations; mobile education applications allow students to access online study material on any device, anytime, anywhere. The Apex Academy Online learning platform works across laptops, tablets and smartphones, allowing students to move seamlessly between devices and locations without interrupting how they interact with learning material.

Personalized Learning

Personalized learning takes many forms, from how students are able to best assimilate material to the time they have available to study because of other commitments, such as elite athletic training. The inherent flexibility within the online learning environment gives online schools, like Apex Academy Online, the ability to tailor programs to meet specific students’ needs. The freedom that this offers students can open up a whole new way of learning for them, perhaps igniting a passion for learning that may have been lost or suppressed.

Adapting to Special Needs

Students with special needs can face many challenges in traditional learning environments which can be disruptive and subject to the availability of local resources. In many cases, online learning environments can be easily adapted to help special needs students, whether it’s more one-on-one teacher time or more time or support for tests and exams. Apex Academy Online takes student needs very seriously by allocating a guidance counsellor to each student. Apex Academy Online guidance counsellors contact students to identify any special needs and then coordinate with teachers to ensure that the necessary accommodations are made.

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